3 Incredible Innovations in Electricity

Everyone knows that technology is ever-evolving. Energy production is increasing while cost is decreasing. But how is such a feat accomplished? Let’s look at three unique innovations in electricity generation.

1. Gigantic Wind Turbines

German manufacturer Siemens has developed massive wind turbines that are almost as vast as the wingspan of the world’s largest Airliner, Airbus A380. A single turbine spans at 75 meters or 246 feet, and according to Siemens, its tips can move up to 80 meters per second (290 kilometers per hour). The company refers it as the SWT-6.0 150.

Another Goliath sized turbine is Vestas V164 8MW, about 80 meters long (surpasses that of Siemens) and now considered as the largest wind turbine. It produces 8MW of energy, which is enough to power 75,000 homes. Impressive.

While small turbines help power traffic signs or charge up batteries, large turbines can power homes and other commercial establishments.

2. Free Electric Hybrid Bike

Free energy? The folks of the “Billion in Change” movement finally found a solution through pedal power. This innovation has wheels that drive a flywheel, turning a generator and then charging a battery. A single hour of pedaling is calculated to power a rural household for 24 hours. No utility bill and no waste.

Headed by Manoj Bhargava, the team recently started producing first versions, for developing countries. The development of the second version, which is for modernized nations, is expected to begin later this year.

3. Residential Solar Financing

Many residential solar engineering companies or installers have developed unique financing systems to help homeowners afford solar design systems. This innovative model had created a buzz in the industry which has lead to much more demand in solar, which has made solar more affordable. Demand for solar power has even led big tech companies, including Google, to join in on the race towards affordable energy.