5 Benefits of Renewable Energies

In recognition of World Health Day, let’s join together to reduce our carbon footprints. Despite on-going researches and debates about the capacity of renewable energy sources, experts have confirmed that these energy sources have substantial benefits to our planet. While you may be familiar with the benefits of clean electricity and minimal carbon footprints, those are just the “tip of the iceberg.” Here are additional benefits of renewable energy.

renewable energy

1. Eco-friendly. Unlike conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels, renewable energies are eco-friendly. They contribute little-to-no air pollution, water pollution, land pollutions, or global warming emissions. Likewise, renewable energies avoid destroying ecosystems that too many fossil fuel extraction processes cause.

2. Sustainable. Renewable energies, by definition, theoretically, don’t run out. Solar feasibility is limitless with the sun, and so is the wind for wind turbine, and water for hydropower. The only limitation is our minds ability to maximize these available resources.

3. Economy boost. There is an ever-increasing demand for the installation of renewable energy equipment, leading to a unique opportunity of labor-driven jobs. This means local renewable energy power plants may open employment opportunities to local economies. Additionally, renewable energies could reduce carbon footprints and costs from importing energy sources to our country.

4. Less maintenance. Since renewable energies use natural resources, there is no need to spend huge amount of cash to keep their sources in operation. Repairs and cleaning operations are lesser compare to conventional energy sources such as coal or fossil fuel.

5. Energy security. According to a variety of sources, and common sense, our country has been depending on foreign oil supplies for far too long. And this dependency has threatened our country’s energy security. It’s important to understand the vulnerability of conventional energy sources and the possible problems associated with it. This includes trade disputes and disruptions. All of which could be avoided by fully embracing renewable energies.