Autumn: The Impact of Shorter Days & Energy Consumption

Fall brings beautiful changes in color. Green leaves and shrubs change into a rainbow of red, yellow, orange, or pink. The colder temperatures also bring
shorter days. Days full of less light mean new strategies on how to save energy.

The Impact of Shorter Days on Energy Consumption

The impact of having shorter days varies between individuals, families, and even cities and states. With fewer hours of sunlight during fall, most of us
increase our energy consumption as we need artificial light earlier on in the evening as fall sunset occurs earlier. Here are some tips to save on energy
consumption when it is in demand the most.

energy consumption

Switch off lights when not used

This is the easiest option to save on energy. Many of us are guilty at failing to do so.

Use motion sensors or timers

Let’s face it. Life moves fast. If you can’t trust yourself always to remember to turn off the lights, embrace motion sensors and timers. This will allow
you to have light when you need it and to shut them off when you don’t, without having to remember to turn them off yourself.

Upgrade your light bulbs

Avoid traditional light bulbs. Instead, switch into CFL or LED light bulbs. They are more durable than traditional incandescent bulbs and are proven to
provide sufficient light output at lower energy consumption. That means greater savings on energy costs.