Get Ready for Shorter Days and More Energy Consumption

Summer is almost over and we can expect a rainbow of colors with the onset of fall. The fall season gives people a respite from the stifling heat of summer together with problems it brought such as dry winds and brush fires.


In some states such as California, summer has brought devastating fires that burned wide areas of forests including some structures and a number of casualties. Those summer problems will soon be gone but will be replaced with problems brought about by colder temperatures and shorter days.

Countries in the northern hemisphere experience fewer hours of daylight during the fall season. Energy consumption dramatically increases during this period because of the need for artificial light and heat increases.

Such early need for the use of artificial light is more pronounced in the residential sector where people prepare and eat dinner during the early part of the evening. Energy consumption in the industrial sector is not necessarily affected as much by the shorter days as most businesses still use artificial lighting and other energy-consumption primarily during sunlight.

Saving Energy

The consumption of energy during the fall season cannot be avoided because people need to continue with their daily activities regardless of the length of the day. However, there are steps that can be put in place to help minimize the consumption of energy a little bit, and every bit counts.

  • Switching off lights when not necessary – People have the habit of leaving a room well lit even if there is nobody in that room. Developing the habit of flicking off the light switch every time somebody leaves a room can add up to decent energy savings.
  • Use timers or motion sensors – It may be difficult for some people to simply turn off the switch when leaving a room. The next best option is the installation of a timer switch or motion sensor switch. The energy savings the household can realize can easily offset the cost of those switches or sensors.
  • Use LED or CFL light bulbs – These bulbs are a lot cheaper now than when they were first introduced to the market. They last longer and consume a lot less energy compared with the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

There are other ways to save energy in the home, public places, as well as your place of work. Harnessing solar energy is a great start. Click here to read past articles about the benefits of solar power.