Google’s Project Sunroof is Mapping the Planet’s Solar Potential

Project Sunroof is Google’s solar initiative program that aims to help homeowners better understand the viability of installing solar power systems. Initiated by Google engineer, Carl Elkin, Project Sunroof’s primary purpose is to map Earth’s solar “hot spots” for solar potential. This information will provide homeowners valuable information regarding their area’s usable sunlight and maximum energy collection to help the world minimize its dependency on fossil fuels.

Google Project Sunroof

Chase Daily, DBM Solar’s CEO and founding partner, comments on Project Sunroof. “Google has done some amazing things over the last two decades, but Project Sunroof has the potential to be among their most innovative features yet.” Mr. Daily continues, “This is something that society should be thankful for. Not just solar companies, but homeowners and businesses. There are so many that can benefit from more adoption of solar technologies. I’m excited for Project Sunroof, and I hope it comes to Utah, soon.”

By entering the homeowner’s address into Project Sunroof’s website, homeowners can made aware whether significant amount of sunlight is reaching their roofs. If sunlight data is available, homeowners will learn which part of their house is getting more sunlight, the capacity of their roofs in holding solar panels, and how much money they can save yearly by utilizing solar power.

Project Sunroof’s data comes from existing Google Earth and Google Maps data. The solar data is acquired from the calculation of the shadows from structures and trees, historical weather, and temperature patterns. Also, homeowners will be provided a list of local solar power companies capable of installing panels in their area – a great advantage for both the solar panel companies and solar power consumers.

Google’s experimental Project Sunroof is already running in three U.S cities; Boston, San Francisco, and Fresno. For more information on solar power viability in other areas of the country, contact DBM Solar. Services include solar installations, permit sets, solar design conceptuals, shade analysis, feasibility studies, and more. Call 801-690-6517 today.