Groundhog Day: Save Energy with Solar Power

Here comes Groundhog Day. The media hypes up what Punxsutawney Phil will predict. Traditionally, if Phil retreats to his burrow after seeing his shadow, this would signal six more weeks of winter. On the other hand, if there’s no shadow, an early spring may be on its way.

While some may not care so much as to when spring rolls in, most of us do care about how colder weather effects our wallets. Winter typically causes an increase in energy usage to heat homes. Should Punxsutawney Phil predict continued cold weather, how do you offset the increased utility costs of heating your home each year? Easy. Solar designed systems.

Groundhogs day

Solar Panels Can Work Both Summer and Winter

With solar panels, you’ll never worry about high electric bills again, regardless of the climate. Even if it’s winter? Yes. This is because solar panels harness energy from sunlight, not from heat.

Go Solar

Solar power is clean, and the most abundant energy source by we have yet to tap fully into. Imagine if the majority of society embraced solar energy. Contact our solar consultants today to learn more about solar feasibility and how you can make the most of solar systems at your home.

Additional Tips to Save Energy During Winter

Once you’ve embraced solar and had your solar system panels installed, you can further enhance your savings throughout winter.

  • Turn your thermostat down while sleeping. No need to heat the whole house.
  • Switch to high-efficiency light bulbs to decrease power consumption from lights.
  • Seal up the leaks in your house
  • Ensure you have proper levels of insulation in your attic.
  • Let the sunlight in. Open blinds on sunny days for natural heat.