How Solar Power Came To Be

Solar power has had a slow evolution. While some may say that the concept of solar power dates back to the B.C. era via the use of magnifying glass, we’ll focus on listing events that are applicable to what modern times associate with solar power.

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19-year-old Frenchman Edmund Becquerel discovered photovoltaic effect.

Patent US527379 is granted to Melvin Severy for a “Solar cell.”

Aleksandr Stoletov creates the first physical solar cell.

Albert Einstein publishes a theory on the photoelectric effect.

Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his theories explaining the photoelectric effect. These theories paved the way for the creation of photovoltaic cells of which modern-day solar panels are made out of.

Hoffman Electronics creates an efficient solar cell, introduces grid contact.

First manned spacecraft powered by solar cells, Soyuz 1.

White House, via President Jimmy Carter, installs solar panels to promote solar energy.

Solar energy has grown since its discovery, continuously improving and becoming more viable as an energy solution. With more advanced technologies, namely nanotechnologies, the contributions of the PV cell now provide multiple benefits to humankind. Today, the use of solar power takes far less roof space, and less cost to fully install solar power technology in an average house. With solar being more affordable than ever, better quality of life for humanity and Earth are getting closer, day-by-day.