National Forest Products Week

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sustainable forest products

In recognition of October’s National Forest Products Week, let’s explore the world of sustainable forests. This occasion falls annually on the third week of October. It aims to recognize products made from renewable forest resources. It also honors people who have contributed to preserving and managing the country’s trees, flowers, and natural resources of the forests.

Almost everything we see and use today comes from or is influenced during manufacturing from trees. This includes everything as small as paper to as large as infrastructure materials, all of which play a significant role in our lives.

Healthy Economy

Based on a study conducted by the American Forest and Paper Association, our country’s forest product industry accounts an approximately six percent of the country’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Forests provide the raw resources we use in medicine, engineering, trade, industry, and hundreds of other sectors. The research also suggests that sales from forest products generate up to more than 200 billion dollars per year. Furthermore, the forest products industry provides jobs for almost a million workers across the country. It is an economic sector that pays about fifty billion dollars to its workers annually.

Sustainable Resources

Forest products are largely renewable and sustainable. A freshly cut tree can be paired with a newly planted seedling to maintain the cycle and keep the forest ecosystem sustainable.

Environmentally Friendly

Forest products are not only sustainable, they are also typically biodegradable. Forest products also do not emit harmful elements or chemicals as they rarely contain any hazardous properties. In fact, trees and forests play a large role in resolving pollutants in the world. Aside from providing oxygen, trees help keep the air clean and fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Happy National Forest Products Week

Forest resources can go far in terms of providing products that are healthy, sustainable, environment-friendly, and economically efficient. In recognition of National Forest Products Week, let’s embrace renewable energies of all kinds and keep forests sustainable.