National Safety Month: Professional Solar Installation Matters

While a DIY solar installation might appear as an attractive and viable option, over the long run, a proper installation by a professional solar engineering company will outweigh the perceived benefits of a DIY job. DIY solutions tend to gloss over the potential hazards of using eco-friendly options such as solar energy.

residential solar permitting

In light of National Safety Month, homeowners should consider the prospect of involving reputable solar panel installers over DIY options. Below are three reasons why professional installers are the smart bet.

1. Efficiency

DIY solutions usually involve trial and error. We all know that there’s little assurance when trying to complete a project while at the same time trying to learn the ropes. Not to mention, in most states it is illegal to install solar without proper licensing, permitting, insurance, etc. since you’re usually tapping into the electrical grid system.

2. Expertise

Professional installers understand the nuances of solar power installation and the requirements needed for installing panels on different types of residential and commercial roofs. In addition to knowing how to use properly varying landscapes of a roof, professional solar companies implement shade analysis to make sure your solar system gets the maximum solar power absorption.

3. Cost

A faulty DIY installation, such as incorrect wiring, may necessitate redoing the task, or worse, result in damage or fire. All it takes is one mistake to increase the cost of a solar job ten-fold. An incorrect DIY solar installation may lead to varying issues.

  • roof leaks
  • faulty wiring
  • fire
  • damaged shingles
  • non-working solar panels
  • poor solar power absorption due to excessive shade coverage

Attempting to save money in the short-term with a DIY solar installation could end up costing you much more in the long-run.  To ensure that your solar system is of high quality, hiring experts is the key. Pro installers are well-experienced. Their adherence to industry standards and insurability can guarantee your home’s safety. Make the right choice by hiring experts and enjoy your investment for a lifetime.