New Year’s Resolution: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

New Year is a great opportunity for reflection. Each year, New Year reminds us to reflect on how we treat ourselves, the people around us, and our environment. At DBM Solar, we’re big advocates of the three R’s; reduce, reuse, and recycle.


The simple practice of reduce, reuse, recycle minimizes waste to prevent further destruction of our natural resources. While most of us acknowledge the benefits of protecting Earth, for others it can be an eye opener to know the impact of one small action of littering or waste. For example, did you know that it can take at least 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose? Some bottles can take as much as 1,000 years.

Let’s work together in helping preserve the Earth. The key is in starting small. Small acts give way to big impact. We can do this by following the three R’s.

Minimize how often you buy or find alternatives to what you buy to ensure that they are recyclable.

Before you throw out that box, can you reuse it for storage? Can you turn those old bottles into unique planters? Find ways to reuse items before you throw them it. It protects the environment and could save you some big bucks.

When you do have to buy, try buying products that are packaged using recyclable material.

Before disposing of anything, think about where it will end up. Is it something you buy on a daily basis? If so, multiply that waste by 360 days. Imagine the impact that one person can make in a year by using the three R’s. Now, imagine if 7 billion other people did the same thing.