Solar Engineering Company

About Our PV Design Team

DBM Solar was founded by a team of experienced designers with over 20 years combined photovoltaic and solar thermal experience, and with degrees in Solar Energy Sciences. We offer custom turn key design sets of the highest standards by NABCEP PV installation professionals. Other core services include financial and production modeling, shading analyses, 3D presentation models, feasibility and consulting services, and DAS design.

DBM Solar believes that the future of energy is solar. Solar energy is renewable, limitless and infinite. What’s more, with the right equipment, there is no eternal cost to harvesting the sun’s rays. The total amount of solar energy which the Earth receives in one hour is equivalent to what is consumed by the entire world in one year.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar power is a clean and inexpensive source of power, and most locations are ideal for the use of solar panels. DBM Solar aims to help make your home or business an eco-friendly place for years to come with solar power as a cost-effective source of electricity.

How does solar energy work for the home or a commercial application? Let’s start by reviewing the basic components of a solar power system.

  • Solar Panels. Solar panels are primarily composed of silicon and metal components. The silicon wafers convert the light from the sun into electricity. Specifically, the energy captured is in the form of direct current (DC) electricity. The electricity is transferred from the photovoltaic cell to a battery through high electrical conductivity metal.
  • Inverter. The DC electricity is converted first to alternating current (AC) before it is used in the home. This process is done with the use of an inverter.
  • Electrical Panel. Every home has an electrical panel through which all electricity runs from the source before being distributed inside the home. Solar power systems tap into that panel to distribute the power that is generate from the sun.
  • Utility Meter. The solar panel also has a utility meter. A home solar panel system may regularly produce more electricity than the home consumes. In some jurisdictions, this excess power is your contribution to the grid, and it is offset against your next electric bill as a credit.

DBM Solar is committed to providing residents and businesses with the right photovoltaic and solar energy options. If you’re ready for solar permit sets or a sales proposal from a solar system design company with experience, call DBM Solar today at 801-690-4873.