Renewable Energies: Types and Their Importance

Imagine living and breathing in a cleaner and a more livable planet. Isn’t that a place we all long for? In recognition of Earth Day, we at DBM Solar commercial solar design company would like to share more about the benefits of renewable energy.

solar power

How well do you know the varieties of renewable energies that exist? Most of us are familiar with solar power and wind power, but did you know that there are many more sources of renewable energy?

  • Wind Power. Energy from the wind.
  • Hydroelectric. Energy from moving water
  • Solar Power. Billions of years worth of energy from the sun.
  • Biomass. Energy produced from plant matter and animal waste.
  • Geothermal. Energy generated from steam and hot water beneath the Earth’s surface.

What are some of the advantages of renewable energies?

  • Clean and safe. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro are cleaner and safer than fossil fuels. No need to burn coal. No need to produce toxic wastes.
  • Sustainable. Renewable energies are unlikely to run out of supply for upwards of billions of years.
  • Energy security. Harnessing renewable energies could reduce our country’s dependence to oil-rich nations.

Yes, renewable energies are indeed great. So why haven’t we fully switched on them?

The transition from fossil fuel dependence to solar power and other renewable energies is slowly evolving. The cost of infrastructure is a large investment that many establishments have to tackle. However, if you look at the bigger picture beyond the initial investment, renewable energy has a much longer shelf-life. The return from solar power and other renewable energies will pay for any initial investment and then some, given the right amount of time. While progress is usually delayed for financial reasons, renewable energies are still forging forward to the welcoming arms of society.

From our solar engineering company to you, Happy Earth Day.