Solar Permit Sets

Custom turnkey permitting services for residential, commercial and solar thermal projects, based on the AHJ and site specific needs. Systems of the highest standards and production per kW installed.

Residential Solar Permitting

We will do the work to make sure the requirements of the AHJ are met. We believe our plan sets are priced to make financial and operational sense for companies of any size. We work with engineers in all 50 States to provide you stamped drawings where required.

Commercial Solar Permitting

We have real world experience designing systems from 20kW up to several hundred kW in size in several western US states. We provide detailed commercial design sets with full engineering and on site surveying. Balance of system options are based on a number of site specifics including seismic, wind/snow, and general climate characteristics that dictate the pairing of inverter/module, roof/racking, overall cost/production, and specific incentive schemes to match the system size. We will help you choose the best overall approach for your project and provide the designs required to make it a reality.