Solar Power Advantages Summary

Renewable Energy is any energy derived from replenishable or recurring sources in nature.

  • sunlight
  • wind
  • rain
  • tides
  • geothermal heat

The concept of harnessing renewable energy on a massive scale is nothing new. However, progress has been inhibited by expensive initial investments or large players with deep pockets in non-renewable energies creating road blocks. With the advancement of technology, costs for alternative energy have come down considerably, making cost and competition less of an issue.

Today, energy from solar and other renewable energy sources is finally scalable, leading to solar power being welcomed by companies and households. Fortune 500 companies, like UPS, are embracing the cost savings, too. They recently built a major facility in California that encompasses solar panels, a move to protect themselves from the risk of rising fossil fuel-based energy costs.

Solar panels have become more advanced than ever before, helping save energy costs by being able to support a recognizable portion of energy needs. So much energy can be produced from a single home with solar panels that often times more energy than necessary is produced and can be sold “back to the grid.” Will you join the energy revolution?