Sun Benefits and How it Minimizes Stress

In addition to the Sun providing natural heat, fuel for growing our food and ecosystems, and being a source of renewable solar energy, its sunlight also reduces stress. In recognition of April being Stress Awareness Month, here are a few ways in which the Sun’s and its Vitamin D is reported to benefit your body.


  • A good source of Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D supports lesser stress
  • Vitamin D boosts immune system & bone health
  • Vitamin D promotes good sleep
  • Enhances the mood
  • Lowers blood pressure

How does sunlight prevent stress, when in fact, it makes us feel exhausted after prolong exposure? To find the answer, let’s start with Seasonal Affective Disorder, or simply known as S.A.D.

What is a Seasonal Affective Disorder?

S.A.D. is a type of depression that occurs due to season changes. People who suffer S.AD. may have symptoms starting in fall that continue until the spring season. These symptoms usually fade as sunnier days kick in.

What does S.A.D. feel like?

The dominant symptoms of S.A.D. include mood swings, orneriness, irritability, fatigue. While research continues, here are other reported signs of S.A.D.

  • Loss of interest in usual hobbies
  • Problems sleeping
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of focus and concentration
  • Feeling despair
  • Recurring depression

So how is this related to sun exposure?

One of the believed causes of S.A.D. is minimal sun exposure. And that’s why it occurs during overcast days or winter months. Having fewer daylight hours affects the production of natural mood-altering chemicals in our brain, making us feel sadder and lonelier. Furthermore, the low temperature also disrupts our body’s circadian rhythm, therefore, affecting our sleep patterns.

How to manage S.A.D.?

In recognition of April being Stress Awareness Month, let’s raise awareness of S.A.D. and give praise to Good Guy Sun for all the happiness he brings us. Here are a few ways to minimize the stress in your life by embracing the sunshine.

  • Spend more time outdoors on sunny days.
  • Keep the curtains open during the day, allowing sunlight to enter.
  • Take a vacation to a sunny destination.