Tax Day: Invest Wisely, Invest in Residential Solar Design

Tax time is here. We can’t help but get excited about the windfall of money. Impulses set in. What’s the latest iGadget to buy? But why buy something that won’t last long? Instead, consider investing your hard earned tax refund into something that will pay for itself and save you pockets full of cash in the long run? Invest in residential solar design. Here are some of the benefits of investing in residential solar.

tax returns

1. Solar panels can reduce your monthly electricity bills (or completely eliminate it).

Be it for residential or commercial solar design for a company, solar power is right for you, your wallet, and the environment. Energy costs consume a large chunk of your budget. After solar equipment is installed, the cost of the sun’s rays are free. Who wouldn’t want to reduce or eliminate their electricity bill?

2. Solar panels amplify your property value.

Saving on your monthly power bill is just the beginning of the benefits of solar power. Did you know that a home with solar panels installed can often increase your property’s value? Researchers the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that homes with solar panels installed sold in much higher price than those houses without PV systems.

3. Investing in solar panels brings back your money.

PV systems are a great investment. According to varying studies, installing a solar panel system may result in annual returns between 10 and 30 percent. That means that after your initial investment is paid back over time via monthly utility cost savings, your solar system can make you money by delivering free energy.

Additionally, many solar installation companies operate locally. That means that you’re keeping your money in your local economy, which circles back and benefits you, again.

4. Solar panels promote energy independence in the country.

Imagine if the majority of Americans embraced solar. What if we could free our country from its dependence on oil and fossil fuels? Our country currently spends billions of dollars a year to purchase oil. That money could, instead, be us used to solve other economic issues, or for continuous progress.

Don’t waste your tax refund. Go solar. Save money.