Tax Return? Invest In Something That Will Pay For Itself, Solar

Every year, the government gives back the excess tax that you have put in all year. An average tax refund these days hovers around ~$3,000. That’s no small amount of pocket change. Unfortunately, many of us rush to spend that windfall of cash on the latest shiny object.

tax return money

Don’t waste hard-earned tax money on frivolous purchase with little lifespan. This year, invest that money in something that will pay you back, solar power. What better way to save on utility expenses than using an energy source that pays for itself. In fact, many residential solar power installations output enough energy to create a surplus, which can be sold to local power companies. Use power and make money? Yes.

Across various studies, reports of energy savings range from $40 – $200 per month with residential solar power solutions. An article on reports even greater savings over the life of a solar power system. Their article lists the savings based on various states with more or less sunshine. Below is a sample of cost savings that solar could bring you over the life of a PV system.

  • California: $34,260
  • New York: $31,166
  • Florida: $33,284
  • Texas: $20,960
  • Hawaii: $64,769

Use this year’s tax refund to make a wise investment in solar energy. DBM Solar’s solar feasibility studies explain the benefits of solar energy and offer custom solutions specific to your energy needs. We look at how much electricity is used and design a custom system for your home or business.