The Biggest Energy Consuming Appliances

A single appliance can use one kWh of electricity in an hour when it is rated at 1,000 watts. Imagine how much power is used in your home when all appliances are combined.all the appliances in your house that uses electricity and imagine how much power it uses up when combined.

Do you know what makes constitutes the majority of your electricity bill? Are you aware which appliances cause fluctuating consumption of energy in your home? You might be surprised.

We’ve broken down the top 5 appliances that eat up your power bill the most:

5. Lighting

Lights are in every room, so this one isn’t so surprising. What is surprising is how much money you can save by switching to energy efficient bulbs.

4. Heating System

A heating system is one of the most necessary appliances in a home, especially during cold winter months. A furnace’s energy consumption depends on the model you have. More modern, EnergyStar rated furnaces could use as much as 50% less energy than older furnaces.

3. Water Heater

Your water heater can use a whopping 10%+ of your home’s energy. Hot water usage can vary by water heater type (standard, solar, tankless, etc.) and size. An easy fix to save a few bucks is to turn down the max temperature setting by a few degrees. You’ll never notice in the shower, but you will notice on your utility bill.

2. Refrigerators

A home’s refrigerator is often within the top 2 or 3 energy sucking items in a home. Surprising that one appliance could consume so much energy, right? Even more than all of the lights in your home? Yes, especially with older model fridges. In fact, in some households, fridges may be the #1 consumer of energy.

1. Air Conditioner

An air conditioner helps make living conditions indoor more comfortable. But it is also typically the biggest money-sucking appliance in your home. In some households, air conditioning units can make up as much as 50% of monthly electric bills.

To help you save on costs, set your thermostat back 2 – 5 degrees. For every degree or two you can shave off as much as 5% of the energy consumption of what an air conditioner usually consumes.

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