Timeless Advice for Company Growth

It’s 2016. Another year has arrived. And this means new opportunities, plans, and goals. Resolutions apply not only to people, but to businesses as well. After all, we’ve learned a lot. Now, what’s the plan?

happy New Years

Competition has become tighter than ever with the current technologies, new inventions and new products in the market. DBM Solar, a solar engineering and PV design company, is prepping for an ever productive year. We want to make 2016 the best of all. Regardless of your industry, we want to share with you what we’ve learned about staying ahead of the competition and how ot leverage your business.

1. Ask your customers

Customer feedback equates to the overall impression of the company. When you talk to your customers you talk to the lifeline that fuels your entire operation. Once you tap into a common point of discussion from customers, good or bad, exploit it or fix it.

Asking customers could help you find out what area you need to improve, adapt, change or eliminate, offer and expand. Knowing what your customers want should be the first step to take if growing your business is the goal for this year.

2. Ask your staff/partners/mentors

Just like asking customers for feedback, asking the internal contacts of your circle is equally valuable. Like what the old cliché says, “There’s always room for improvement.” So if you feel your business is stuck, ask your business partners or mentors for feedback. Learn from them.

3. Know what you can do and equally know your limitations

Innovation is key to fueling growth. But with innovation comes new territory. You do not need to embrace every new gadget or life hack into your operations. Know what you’re good at and maximize that area, while also knowing your weaknesses and avoid wasting time on them.