How Ultraviolet Solar Panel Works

A science institute in Japan has discovered and is developing ultraviolet light in a transparent solar power cell that produces organic electricity. All while allowing the sun’s rays to pass through. As promoters of natural energy sources, and in recognition of Ultraviolet Awareness Month, we find the concept of UV powered technology fascinating.

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Since the discovery, there have been a number of other discoveries related to ultraviolet and solar power cells. Nano-phosphors have been reportedly used by other companies to coat a transparent substance that turns ultraviolet lights into something visible to the naked eye.

Just think about this. A transparent solar power panel is a sheet of transparent, hard-to-break glass or a plastic substance that can generate energy and electricity. Amazing. The idea of creating transparent solar cell panels has been around for years. However, it is just recently that testing has achieved moderate success, especially with the use of ultraviolet light. This type of solar panel could bring high yields of energy while allowing for transparent use of the panel. Think, energy-producing windows!