Why Investing In Home Solar Technology Is Worth Every Penny

There are various reasons environmentalists and society, in general, are pushing for communities to go green.

  • increased population
  • increased consumption and waste
  • global warming
  • increased natural disasters
  • decreasing natural resources

Our home, Earth, can only take so much. There are several way to contribute to conserving Earth’s resources. A form of energy production and preservation that we’re quite fond of is solar power.

solar panels

From 2000 to 2006, electricity prices went up 2.5% annually. This trend continues to rise, following the rising cost of fuels like coal and natural gas. Not only is solar technology cleaner but it is a great hedge against rising electricity costs.

Homeowners that consider installing solar panels not only take advantage of the free energy the sun gives, they may also qualify for financial support. The Federal government encourages homeowners to take advantage of tax incentives that they can get when installing solar technology. Not only will homeowners save money on electricity bills but they could also get an immediate tax benefit. Homeowners can currently qualify for a solar power tax credit of 30% through December of 2016.

Sunny states such as Arizona, California, or New Mexico may also qualify for additional incentives. These areas may qualify for additional incentives that are given through cash back, waived fees, or expedited permits.

Solar Panels: Cost and Savings

Solar panels will be able to give you all the energy you need without the potential of increased electricity costs in the future. An average household consumes around 1 kW per hour of electricity that translates to 900 kWh per month. Multiply that with the cost per kilowatt in your area. Now, assume you will continue to regularly see annual increases in energy costs. While the initial cost of a solar power system may be an investment, it’s only a one-time investment.

Installation typically averages around $5 per watt, or $15,000 for an average residential 3kW system. Afterwards, your solar system will continue to cut your energy bills over and over, month after month.

As you can see, solar power systems not only benefit our Earth, they benefit your wallet. Contact DBM Solar today for a solar feasibility study to explain the benefits of solar energy and to learn more about solutions to fit your needs. Call 801-690-6517 today.