Why We Need To Embrace Renewable Energies

Do you know where the energy we use is sourced from? Most of the energy that powers a home’s lights, tv, dishwashers, fridges, neighborhood lights, etc. is generated from fossil fuels. These are formed by natural processes through decomposition of dead organisms that are extracted from the Earth’s core and processed to generate power.

Dead organisms? Yes. The three major fossil fuels are in the form of coal, oil, and natural gas. The formation of some of these energy sources even dates back further than the dinosaurs decomposition.

Now, just think for a moment. The majority of the power that we have is from natural fossil reserves from millions of years ago. Imagine if it ever runs out. What took millions of years to create we may very likely exhaust in only two or three centuries. We may have some fossil fuels in reserves, and scientists have calculated that we have enough to use for our generation, but what about the next generation?

Burning fossil fuels to generate power also has adverse effects on our planet. A big issue threatening life on Earth is climate change. The direct of climate change, believed to be influenced greatly by the burning of fossil fuels, are exemplified through loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. Some people also attribute an increase in hurricanes, floods and droughts to climate change as a result of increased greenhouse gases from the processing of fossil fuels.

This is one of the major reasons why we need to start embracing renewable energies. Renewable energies are sourced from natural and abundant power sources, like sunlight, wind, tides, and geothermal heat. The most prominent technology used in homes today is solar energy. It uses the heat of the sun to generate power to a space or a community employing solar technology.

Since its inception, solar energy has become increasingly recognized for its benefits. With more mainstream use, solar power has become significantly more affordable, too. Due to advancements in technology and financial support via government rebates, solar energy is no longer only an option for businesses with deep pockets. Residential solar design is being embraced by the masses for its cost-cutting benefits. Some residents with solar panels installed on their rooftops are even generating enough power to sell back to the local power companies.

The world is gradually seeing the effects of climate change. Not only that but the rising costs of energy generated by fossil fuels are a growing pain. We encourage you to embrace the use of renewable energy. To find out more about transitioning into solar energy, call DBM Solar at call 801-690-6517. We offer custom, turn-key solar design sets of the highest standards. Other core services include financial and production modeling, shading analyses, 3D presentation models, feasibility and consulting services, and DAS design.