World Congress on Sustainable Technologies

The World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (“COST”) is an integrative conference, which puts together efforts throughout the engineering, social and natural sciences. COST promotes the development and dissemination of new information regarding sustainable technologies and their impact on the environment.

green recycling

This year’s COST will be held from December 14 to 16 at Heathrow Windsor Marriott Hotel, Ditton Road, Langley in London, United Kingdom. It will present various prospects for reflection and collaboration, which could be of vital importance in improving the foundation and competence for organization, and application of art, technology, and science in sustainability.

COST fuses together the academe and the industry by promoting awareness regarding new and modern improvements in sustainable technologies. During the conference, topics regarding all aspects of sustainable energies and technologies will be discussed and encouraged. They will be divided into seven general areas.

  1. Sustainable Energy Technologies
  2. Renewable Energy Managements, Economics and Environmental Impact
  3. Education
  4. Green Computing
  5. Sustainable Building Design
  6. Sustainability and Policy
  7. Waste Management

Sustainable Energy Technologies

  • Nanotechnology in Energy
  • New Enabling Technologies
  • Power Electronics and Energy Conversion
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Energy Efficiency in Utilization
  • Off-Grid Isolated Energy Systems

Renewable Energy Managements, Economics and Environmental Impact

  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Waste Management Technologies
  • Energy from Waste
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Environmental Policies and Planning
  • Hazardous Chemical


  • E-Society
  • Education and Training
  • Environmental Education

Green Computing

  • Technology as Green Enablers
  • Advanced IT energy-aware technologies
  • Smart Grid Applications
  • Green Computing Geo-Energy
  • Power Aware Networking
  • E-Cycling

Sustainable Building Design

  • Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal
  • Building Design an System
  • New Building Materials and Recycling
  • Creative Industries

Sustainability and Policy

  • Sustainable Technology Program
  • Sustainable Applications
  • Sustainable Innovations
  • Sustainable Development Policy

Waste Management

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Agricultural Wastes
  • Waste from Electronic and Electrical Equipment
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Nuclear and Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Wastes
  • Mining and Mineral Wastes